I like to draw doodles. If you like my style, I will gladly draw your ideas:
– A6 portrait black and white pencil drawing,
– PNG export, usually 1280 pix high at 400dpi,

To do so, I will need you to describe me:
– What & Who : The subject, main focus of the picture. What details and specificities you want to highlight?
– When & Where : A brief description of the background. Which the tech level? Architecture? Clothing?
– Why & How : The atmosphere and style you want to convey through the doodle. Why is the picture is drawn for? What is going on?

As with most of my work, i grant you the use of the result at your leisure as long as you:
– manage to not hurt anybody with it (That include paper planes),
– provide with each use a back-link,
– do not alterate or edit the result,
– agree that I keep its entire intellectual property.