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  • Adventure – Only shapes of wood It’s no use, the plants are stronger. They want more blood. Your blood. As you breath is getting thinner and thinner, you feel sap slowly crawling into your veins. Roots and branches pierce and grow from your barked skin. Leaves sprouts onto your body. The pain is excruciating, but […]

  • Adventure – Notagnome plays the Fulute Notagnome the goblin grabs the Fulute from the sprout. “Just in time!” they said with a gesture towards the trees around you. Intrigued, you look where they pointed and notice humanoids shapes extracting themselves from the bark, slowly converging towards you. “Don’t be a Fred! I know how to […]

  • Soul crushing words Words can hurt.Use them wisely. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook EDIT : This drawing is a part of a two-sided piece on words that can heal or hurt. I should have begun by the healing first. Sorry if I involuntarily raised some flags, everything is quite fine, I assure you.