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  • Building in the clouds Building in the clouds,closer to the sunIs it safe? Is it doable?But above all: Is it sane? /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Construire au dessus des nuagesSoulève des questions en pagailleEst-ce bien stable ? Est-ce faisable ?Mais surtout : est-ce bien sage ?

  • Artifical smoky mountains They hate the sky, so they made some smokeThey made so much smoke, the sky went darkThey hate the dark, so they made some lightsNow there’s soot everywhere, and no nights. *** Ils haïssaient le ciel, alors ils firent de la fuméeIls firent tant de fumée, que le ciel s’assombritIls haïssaient le […]

  • The Old Inn There’s a place downtown near the castle full of crappy shop for tourists that tries too hard to me “medievish”. I hate this part of town, it’s not made for the inhabitants. It’s fake. An Illusion.But this Inn’s real. So real and yet so out of time. So real you wonder, while […]

  • Not made for people For sure, it’s a feat, it’s a masterpieceThe pinacle or architectural prowessA true wonder, But let me tell you allThat building is not meant for people *** Pour sur, c’est un chef d’oeuvre magistralLe pinacle de la création architecturalUne merveille aux décors les plus finsSeulement non faite pour nous humains Pencil […]

  • Astroboy I suddenly felt like drawing Astro. Sweet nostalgia… *** Une envie soudaine de dessiner Astroboy, Un accès de nostalgie ? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6        

  • Ghost Pantheon The Panthon of Paris is a huge mausoleum, A place to honor the memories of famous departed.To us, the living, this place is quite solemn and quiet.From the other side, it must be a blast! *** Le Panthéon de Paris est un immense mausolée.Un endroit où l’on honore la mémoire des illustres disparus.Pour […]

  • Feel my wrath !

    Feel my wrath ! They told me my ways are not welcomed here! I’l show them! I’ll show them all! As St Bender told us long ago, I’ll teach them about my pacifist way by force! *** Alors comme ça mes idées, mes coutumes ne sont pas les bienvenues !? Mais je vais leur montrer, […]