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  • Smoktober 31 My story’s now over, it was about Smoke.He’s now a tall boy, with hair of smokeThey love each other, and each eveningThey watch the sunset. That’s their thing.Maybe you fear his parents are too old?Fret not, cause they’re sharing a secretA stream of life within, full of powerBut that’s a story that left […]

  • Josephine’s difficult childhood Josephine had a very difficult childhood, moving a lot from one school to another. Unfortunately, everywhere’s the same story: At first she have the hardest time to integrate among others children. They keep teasing her until she loose it and “integrate” them, forcing the family to move rather quickly elsewhere. *** Joséphine […]

  • Demonic possession – FEAR ME, MORTAL, FOR I…  – Oh…HAHAHA!  – WHA… WHY DID YOU LAUGH?  – It… It tickles!  – MY… DEMONIC… POSSESSION OF YOUR BODY… TICKLES YOU!?  – HIhihiHIHI Oh yes, it does!  – BUT… AREN’T YOU AFRAID?  – Of whaHAHAHAT? I have 8 childes and I’ve been married three times, dear, I’ve […]