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  • Caworking At first it was a mess, and then… Let’s be honest. It’s still a mess. *** Au début c’était le bordel, et puis…Non, soyons honnetes, c’est toujours le bordel. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6.

  • Bizness Snek I is bizness sek. I is pleased to meat you.Together we can make many money. *** Ssssalut! Je sssuiss ravi de vous ssserrer la main. Enssssembles nous allons faire de grande choses ! Pentel Ink brush on A6 sketchbook / Pinceau-feutre Pentel sur carnet A6

  • Meet the staff – Mr Teaimai

    Meet the staff – Mr Teaimai Mr Teaimai has plenty to say. Starting a discussion with him is like opening the flood gate of a massive lake of personal stories and toxic ranting. After a while, you’ll need an excuse to get out this endless flow, or face drowning in his self-pity. *** Mr Teaimai […]

  • Meet the Staff – Mr. Boutoexplod

    Meet the Staff – Mr. Boutoexplod Everybody likes Mr Boutoexplod. He is a very patient man. When you wrote the wrong adress on the parcel but ask him to check anyway on the other side of the town that there is effectively nobody there, he did. And yes, he’s more that happy to fetch you […]

  • Meet the Staff- Ms. Whatshername She’s the one that gets her idea rejected then adopted when said by another colleague. She’s the one that gets ignored when group invite are send but had to organize the event,She’s the one that gets to watch others receive the promotion that what should have been hersShe’s the one […]

  • Meet the Staff – Mr Rorrim Hard to know what Mr Rorrim is really thinking about his position as middle management. He constantly throws back right at you what you might bring. What he tell you do not depends on what you tell him, but how you tell him.   *** Difficile de savoir ce […]

  • Meet the staff – Mr. Sleazy Doubleface At first, Mr Slesea Dablefouce seems like a nice guy, helpful and all. You chitchat for a while and starts to appreciate the wits of this very charming guy. Then he starts dissing with you on them. How they’re backstabbing you, how they’re spreading lies about you. Only […]

  • Meet the staff – Miss Wrodbuig Miss Wrodbuig is Head of Public Relations, a very important job. She always have the right word for the right occasion, She’s always there and exquisite in her manner of speech. Never personal, ‘though. In fact, no one knows about the real her. Are she showing us faces or […]

  • Meet the staff – Miss Alice Miss Alice always say she want to leave her job but she can’t. Family, child, advantages at work, salary, location, mortgages… She invokes many reasons to why she can’t leave, yet nothing really substantial. Maybe she simply like her chains? *** Miss Alice dit toujours qu’elle veux quitter son […]

  • Meet the staff – Mr Fractal As Director of Human Resources, Mr Fractal claims he have access to an infinite supply of skills and employees. And yet, his workforce is finite and limited. *** En tant que Directeur des ressources humaines, Mr Fractal a accès à une infinité de compétences et de profils. Et pourtant, […]