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  • Just a Maid -30- Retaliation – Caw caw caw (Now tell me mister, what shall I do with you?)– I… What? – kkk… Caw! (Ah… You can’t understand me, isn’t it?)– p…p…please, fetch help!– Caw. (As if… I have other plans) *** – Caw caw caw (Bien bien bien… Que vais-je faire de toi ?)– […]

  • Crows practice

    Crows practice Just needed a small practice in drawing crows. I like corvidaes a lot. magpies, crows, jays… their smart antics always bring me a smile. “Caw! Caw! Caw!” J’avais juste besoin de m’entrainer à dessinner des corbeaux. J’adore les corvidés. Pies, corbeaux, geais… Leurs astuces et regards malins me font sourir à coup sur. […]

  • Just a maid -24- Mr Crow Dear Mr.[smudged] My name is Phineas Jollybottom. You may not know me, and I apologize for writing you on such a short notice. I am a field zoologist from the Miskatonic university, and I frequently pass by your property while investigating the local fauna. It has come to my […]