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  • Nyogtha again ‘Leigh strode to the center of the room, staring at the chair that stood on the black circle of stone. “You work here?” he asked slowly.“Yes. It’s quiet—I found I couldn’t work upstairs. Too noisy. But this is ideal—somehow I find it very easy to write here. My mind feels"—he hesitated—"free; that is, […]

  • Nyogtha “Men knew him as the Dweller in Darkness, that brother of the Old Ones called Nyogtha, the Thing that should not be. He can be summoned to Earth’s surface through certain secret caverns and fissures, and sorcerers have seen him in Syria and below the black tower of Leng; from the Thang Grotto of […]

  • Xipe Totec “The annual festival of Xipe Totec was celebrated on the spring equinox before the onset of the rainy season; it was known as Tlacaxipehualiztli. This festival took place in March at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Forty days before the festival of Xipe Totec, an Indian slave who was captured at war […]

  • Hastur


  • Shub-Niggurath


  • Severn Valley, England 1924 Willhem has always been wary of the swamp behind the hills. Sighting of strange lights at night, unsolved disappearances and the general creepiness of the place kept on alert all senses of the locals. So when he noticed a black stain between the reeds, he cautiously bend over the edge to […]