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  • Lord Timmy 08 – Choc Human bodies aren’t like meat vessels. you can’t remotely control them like puppets, safely hidden in a corner of their mind. A possession is more like intertwining your own thoughts and memories with the target’s, unable to say thereafter which ones were yours to begin with. Right now, the fusion […]

  • Lord Timmy 07 – Payback – It’s payback time, you creep !– Ok. Demon incarnate before me. Broke her restrains, very angry. Spells won’t work. No clothes, no tools, no weapons… Can’t be worse.– I give you one last ch…– Listen, I know you’re you’re angry, it’s because you have your period, right?– Ok. that’s […]

  • Possession is not invocation So Mr. Wizard, what are you gonna do know?A possession is not an invocation. No more magic circle of protection.No more word of banishing.No more extra planar matter bending to your will and arcanic powers.Just a human.A human you were ready to sacrifice,A human with demonic strength now far beyond yours.A […]

  • Unsuspected medium Eugene, the perverted wizard of 5th avenue, has displayed a splendid exemple of magical prowless by defeating the demon, scattering its material form in bloody pieces.Eugène is indeed, very skilled. Halas, he is also quite young. Someone with more experience would have been more cautious, and would have asked the right questions. Such […]

  • Not defenceless What were you thinking, demons! Defenceless? me!? *** Non mais qu’est-ce que vous croyez, vous les démons !? Que j’étais sans défenses ? Lord Timmy – Ep 4Pencil Doodle on A sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • Demonic possession – FEAR ME, MORTAL, FOR I…  – Oh…HAHAHA!  – WHA… WHY DID YOU LAUGH?  – It… It tickles!  – MY… DEMONIC… POSSESSION OF YOUR BODY… TICKLES YOU!?  – HIhihiHIHI Oh yes, it does!  – BUT… AREN’T YOU AFRAID?  – Of whaHAHAHAT? I have 8 childes and I’ve been married three times, dear, I’ve […]

  • Dark Thoughts I fought hard, battling demons and devil’s offspringupon the plains of Hell where no one is watchingEach time I came victorious, again and again,But why I feels like everything’s still the same ? *** J’ai combattu démons et suppôts de SatanDans les plaines infernales, ou nul âme ne se rendsDe chaque bataille, j’en […]

  • Angels dress – Do you like my new dress? It’s made from angels.– How did you find angel’s feathers?– No, I said made from angels. Whole angels. *** – Tu aimes ma nouvelle robe ? Je l’ai faite avec des anges.– Où as-tu trouvé des plumes d’ange ?– Pas des plumes, des anges. Entiers. Ink […]

  • Sensible place

    Sensible place She likes lava, hell’s only solace But there’s a very sensible place On all demons but angels nowhere, What is it? Do you ask. She won’t share Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Elle aime les bains de lave, réconfort de l’enfer La chaleur ne la gène, elle prends garde toutefois A […]

  • Letter of Reclamation

    Letter of Reclamation “Dear Belzeb Inc., I recently acquired one of your “Fun tailed companion” in order to entertain and enlighten my private parties. I am not satisfied at all by your product that failed to provide any conversation of interest but high pitched screams and ate most of the buffet, the chandelier, the curtains […]