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  • Dragonian airship pilot Extreme focus is require to pilot a dragonian airship. There is no mechanical commands, consoles, gears or machines. Everything is operated with chi string from experienced user. The most skilled of them even use toes and each fingertips. This is a highly dangerous task, one mistake and the weight of the hull […]

  • Fumetsu no Kirofune (Yamato class Dragonian Airship) The Airships of the dragonian Kingdom have no balloons, nor ¬†propellers. They are made from the finest and rarest windwood, They tends to be quite small, and fins, propelled by wind kamis summoned by wind users. The ¬†Fumetsu no Kirofune is quite the exception. It’s massive, immense, imposing. […]

  • The Throne room of the Dragon King Upon his throne at the foot of the ever-blooming Tree of Tife, the Dragon King is hearing a delegation coming from a far province. His strange yet loyal counselors respectfully assists him in his decisions. The royal Kirin is asleep, with its eyes wide open, brilliantly glowing. The […]

  • Hae No Ryu, Second plateau : The Great Market The second plateau of the capital of the Dragonian Kingdom is filled with artisans, monks, samurais and priests. Every one of them is pursuing his kung-fu, that is not martial arts but the pursuing of mastery in a particular field of expertise. Light and shadows are […]