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  • To my beloved departed To my beloved husband, Cheers!What can I say my dear? I told you this flu is different. You were wrong. But that can’t be, right? You were always right. You knew everything… how could you be *wrong*?Now, you’re no more and I’m still. So by *your* logic, since there’s *one* thing […]

  • Bartender – Another drink sir?– No, thanks. I… I think I had enough.– Want me to call you a cab, sir?– …yes, please.– Right away sir. Shantak service shall bring you anywhere. *** – Un autre verre monsieur ?– Non merci. Je… Je crois que j’ai assez bu.– Voulez-vous que je vous appelle un taxi […]

  • Bubbles Eyed Tea

    Bubbles Eyed Tea And now a word from our sponsor: “ Tired of the same old drinks? Want to try something new and different? Something that will twist your brain upside down? Then you’re in luck! Come and try our brand new Bubbles Eyed Tea! Approved the city council chairman of R’lyeh, the Great Cthulhu […]