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  • Morning on the docks It’s morning on the docks of Coron Island.Slim boats are tied together in rows, we pass through several to reach ours, carefully stepping over crates, burning grills full of fresh fishes, paddles, ropes and safety vests.We lift the anchor and jump start the motor. Captain Sparrow leads us out of the…

  • Consequences – Humans 02 Series of sketches for a world-building project.Codename: Consequences. *** Série d’esquisses pour un projet en cours de world building.Nom de code : Conséquences. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • Allies of Nature Your attempts are futileGive up my dear Argyle !Nature is my allyGive up or else you’ll die ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook