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  • Is they going to be ok? – Oh tell us, maker, is they gonna be ok?– Yes, please maker, tell us.– Shh… Let me work *** Krita on Yiynova *** – Oh dites nous Créateur, va-t-il s’en sortir ?– Oui, dites-nous créateur – Shh… laissez moi travailler     

  • It lacked flowers

    It lacked flowers – What are you doing!? – It lacked flowers. And plants in general. – But… – How can you live without plants? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** – Mais!? Que faites-vous? – J’ajoute des fleurs. – Mais… – Il en manquait. Des plantes aussi. Comment pouvez-vous vivre sans plantes ? Porte-mine […]

  • Strong resolution Preparation are everything. As they go through the morning routine, they keep sharpening their mind, achieving the mindless state of mind.Nothing can offset their balance now, no sound nor sight. Their resolution is the key, an unstoppable will, capable of remodeling reality itself. There is an old saying, from Terry the preacher, that […]

  • Skopa Draconis – Porte-lien of Saphire My liege is like water. Gentle, soft and fresh. And sometimes violent, furious and unstoppable. Thanks to the gentle patronage of a kind Dragoness (not kidding), I designed a card game based on the traditional Italian Game Scopa.Each card is customized to the theme and needs of a french […]