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  • Sketching intensifying Ok, the fact is, I have troubles accessing a scanner.So here it is : My very first purely digital doodle. *** Bon, c’est décidément compliqué d’accéder à un scanner pour moi en ce moment.Donc ben voilà : mon premier doodle purement digital. Wacom Intuos 3 + Gimp       

  • Anima One-shot 02 – 13 The Plan Thirteen is a fighter, proficient with any weapon. A good rifle and a scope were all they needed. One by one, they cleared the sky of drones. It wasn’t much of a damage and they knew the remaining drones just transmitted their position to the rest of the […]

  • Ink Dragon At last, they’re free! Free from their underground prison, Free to soar the skies and set the world ablaze!Fear the burst of Wrath that had be contained for too long ! *** Enfin ils sont libres !Libérés de leurs prisons souterrainesLibres de s’envoler dans les cieux et de carboniser les contraintes de ce […]