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  • Happy birthday – Happy birthday to youuu…– It’s not my birthday.– Happy birthday to youuu…– I won’t eat that.It glows.– Happy birthday to you, dear Eatthisnow…– I think i can see a ghastly figure into the candle’s smoke.– Happy birthday to youuu, dear Eatthisorwealldie– Ooh so this is the demon sealing ritual!?. I… uh… ok […]

  • Smoktober 21 Get closer my friend… so I can see what’s insideHum… there’s something growing, burning, living.I’m afraid what I sold you was not for your kind.You have to return them back or die burning. *** Approche mon ami… Approche que je te vois d’en dedansHum… Il y a quelque chose qui brûle et grandit, […]

  • In the eye Shamelessly plagiarizing M.C.Escher, with less talent much more colors. *** Honteux plagiat de  M.C.Escher, avec moins de talent mais plus de couleurs. Watercolor pencils on A5 sketechbook / Crayons aquarelle sur carnet A5      

  • Mr Eye Mr Eye is très chic. You see, he’s got the eyes for clothesHe doesn’t look no expenses to be seen on his best.Always watchful for novelties, Mr Eye is a visionary.***Mr. Oeil est très chic, Voyez-vous, il a l’oeil pour se vêtir.Il ne regarde pas à la dépense, car il faut voir et […]

  • Demonic possession – FEAR ME, MORTAL, FOR I…  – Oh…HAHAHA!  – WHA… WHY DID YOU LAUGH?  – It… It tickles!  – MY… DEMONIC… POSSESSION OF YOUR BODY… TICKLES YOU!?  – HIhihiHIHI Oh yes, it does!  – BUT… AREN’T YOU AFRAID?  – Of whaHAHAHAT? I have 8 childes and I’ve been married three times, dear, I’ve […]

  • Still doodling

    Still doodling 1200 and continuing… I am indeed a serial doodler. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for watching! Each one of you comments warms my heart and let me keep going, keep progressing ^^ I hope the strange images spurring from my mind to the paper will keep you entertained for […]

  • Just a maid -27- Where should I put you?

    Just a maid -27- Where should I put you? So… Where shoul I put you to get a nice view? *** Bien… Où pourrai-je vous poser pour disposer d’une bonne vue ? Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook for Just a Maid, a story about Martha, maid in a strange house Criterium sur carnet A6 pour […]

  • The bottle is broken

    The bottle is broken What have you done ! *** Qu’avez-vous fait ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Do not break

    Do not break Do not break the bottle.Do not. *** Ne pas casser la bouteille. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Terror on the Orient-ExpressTeatro alla Scalla backstage 9 jan. 1923 – Milan It was a bliss, Choura had always dreamed about visiting il Teatro alla Scala de Milano, and now he was backstage, looking for clues and the musical director ! He dared to hope… maybe… maybe he could land a role on tomorrow’s premiere […]