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  • Sketching intensifying Ok, the fact is, I have troubles accessing a scanner.So here it is : My very first purely digital doodle. *** Bon, c’est décidément compliqué d’accéder à un scanner pour moi en ce moment.Donc ben voilà : mon premier doodle purement digital. Wacom Intuos 3 + Gimp       

  • I was here first !

    I was here first ! – I, Special Envoy Henry Wallacimite of the House Tarblugen, say fore one with all due respect, that you are stepping on my right to plenipotentiate. – And I, High Emmisary Freidrich Zauberkundschmidt of her Majesty Supreme Queen Emsledira, say that with all due consideration, I was here first! –…