Fireproof John

John Takoman is a mutant with newfound superpowers. He discovered his while playing with matches, which is not really spectacular for a backstory.
He can’t start a fire by himself but he can withstand the most blazing of braziers, coming out relatively unscathed. That is something.
Nowadays, he switches between two jobs: fireman and fireman. The first one at the fire station, the other at the circus.


John Takoman est un mutant doté de super-pouvoirs. Il a découvert le sien en jouant avec des allumettes, ce qui n’est pas vraiment folichon comme backstory.

Bien qu’incapable de créer un feu, il peut résister aux plus intense des brasiers, et en sortir relativement intact. C’est déjà quelque chose.

Actuellement, il jongle entre deux jobs: le premier à la caserne des pompiers et le second dans un cirque.

Wacom Intuos + Gimp


Skopa Draconis – Porte-lien of Ruby

Furor. Strength. Victory. Is there really anything else ?

to the gentle patronage of a kind Dragoness (not kidding), I designed a
card game based on the traditional Italian Game Scopa.Each
card is customized to the theme and needs of a french Larp event : The
Chronicles of Kandorya. Coins, Batons, Swords and Cups has been replaced
by colors, corresponding to the Great Daracosires : Ortheïs, Negens,
Kovaris and Airain. Figures now represents
various personalities of the game and secrets has been hidden in the
cards. All of that in a custom tuck box that has been designed to look
like a small grimoire.

There is 4 extra
cards for credits and rules (which are quite simple, and translated in
french + english!) with nice illustrations by yours truly.

Get your own version at MakePlayingCards.com !

really hope this project will be successful, for I plan to make much
more of theses, starting with the Elder Gods Tarot for which i already
print a prototype and will be available soon !