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  • Fireproof John John Takoman is a mutant with newfound superpowers. He discovered his while playing with matches, which is not really spectacular for a backstory.He can’t start a fire by himself but he can withstand the most blazing of braziers, coming out relatively unscathed. That is something.Nowadays, he switches between two jobs: fireman and fireman. […]

  • Dancing with the flames

    Dancing with the flames Burning and scorching The flames are flowing Would you please ignite And forget your mind? *** BrĂ»lantes et brillantes Les flammes dansantes Tournent et t’emportent Plus rien ne t’importe Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Skopa Draconis – Porte-lien of Ruby Furor. Strength. Victory. Is there really anything else ? Thanks to the gentle patronage of a kind Dragoness (not kidding), I designed a card game based on the traditional Italian Game Scopa.Each card is customized to the theme and needs of a french Larp event : The Chronicles of […]