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  • Happy birthday – Happy birthday to youuu…– It’s not my birthday.– Happy birthday to youuu…– I won’t eat that.It glows.– Happy birthday to you, dear Eatthisnow…– I think i can see a ghastly figure into the candle’s smoke.– Happy birthday to youuu, dear Eatthisorwealldie– Ooh so this is the demon sealing ritual!?. I… uh… ok […]

  • Advanced magic Master Grimaxi should be pleased. His apprentice is doing research on its own on advanced magic. Yet, somehow, the said apprentice feels his last experiment on teleportation won’t get his master’s approval. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Maître Grimaxi devrait être ravi : Son apprenti fait de lui même ses propres recherches avancées […]

  • Lightbringer It is unwise to stroll theses corridors by night. Alone. You could make some rather… unpleasant encounters in the dark. Allow me to escort you and bring you some… light. I insist. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Ce n’est pas très prudent de parcourir ces corridors la nuit. Seul. Vous pourriez faire des rencontres […]

  • Forest Monolith One by one they appearsDeep into the forests,One by one they bloomsHidden into the woods, There’s monoliths all aroundAppearing without a soundThere’s monoliths everywhereNo one knows why they’re here. *** Krita + Yiynova *** Un par un ils apparaissentAu plus profond des forêtsUn par un ils poussent, pourquoi ?Cachés au fond des bois  […]

  • Little thief Little thief saw, little thief tookIt was shiny and beautiful, look!Little she knows, it was a trapNow little thief must quickly act! ***Petite voleuse a vu, petite voleuse à prisC’était si brillant, si beau et si joli !Ce qu’elle ne sais pas, c’est qu’il y a un prix Maintenant petite voleuse, soit prompte […]