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  • The big house of Lavendell There is a big house in the city of Lavendel. Not a large or tall house, a big one. You don’t realize at first what’s wrong with it, that something is messing with you eyes. Then you notice : it’s not a matter of size but of proportions, as if […]

  • Rainbow house Come on and play, in the colorful houseCome on and weep in the saturated houseThere’s many colors, enough for all of usThere’s many horrors, enough for one of us *** Dans la maison colorée, on joueDans la maison colorée, on geintIl y a assez de couleur pour tousMais assez d’horreur pour un. Wacom […]

  • Nice place to rest Grandma Jeanne found the strange eyed rock while strolling a forgotten path high up in the mountains. She tried to communicate numerous times with it while she carried it back to her home, but the rock never responded to her attempts, only gazing intensely at her and blinking occasionally. Once she […]

  • The House at the end of the street Dare to visit? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook