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  • Ready for battle Ho-How! ‘tis the eve of battle!Ho-How! ’tis the time to rattle!Sharpen your gear, put up your coatTonight’s the night to face our foes! Traditional dwarven battle chant *** Ho-How ! Sortez vos haches !Ho-How ! Mettez vos mailles !Ce soir nous marchons vers la batailleCe soir parmi nous, pas un seul l√Ęche […]

  • Possession is not invocation So Mr. Wizard, what are you gonna do know?A possession is not an invocation. No more magic circle of protection.No more word of banishing.No more extra planar matter bending to your will and arcanic powers.Just a human.A human you were ready to sacrifice,A human with demonic strength now far beyond yours.A […]