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  • Just a Maid -31- New shirt – It’s very nice to you to help me with the laundry,  Mr Crow. I almost forgive you for the letter, – Caw!– Indeed… Hu? I don’t remember ever seen this shirt. It’s not one of Monsieur… And it stinks! *** – C’est très gentil à toi de m’aider […]

  • Just a maid -25- Laundry day It’s not a chore if you enjoy doing it.And why won’t you? Sure, it’s damp, heavy, tedious,… but the wind is nice to play with, the air is filled with fresh scents and playing with the laundry is like playing with kites. Who doesn’t like kites?   *** Ce […]

  • Just a maid, ep 9 : Dishes – Hurglaaargblgbl!– Good morning to you too, Josephine! How’s the dishes going?– Frblblblblu?– No, I’m sorry. Madam won’t let you clean the crystals glasses yet. It seems your ooze melt them.– Blblblbu…– Awww, that’s not you fault Josepine ! Besides, no one’s fast as you for doing the […]