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  • Unsuspected medium Eugene, the perverted wizard of 5th avenue, has displayed a splendid exemple of magical prowless by defeating the demon, scattering its material form in bloody pieces.Eugène is indeed, very skilled. Halas, he is also quite young. Someone with more experience would have been more cautious, and would have asked the right questions. Such […]

  • Not defenceless What were you thinking, demons! Defenceless? me!? *** Non mais qu’est-ce que vous croyez, vous les démons !? Que j’étais sans défenses ? Lord Timmy – Ep 4Pencil Doodle on A sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • The pervert wizard on 5th avenue – What’s going on? The words are correct… The circle hasn’t been touched… Why is there no response? There’s always a response. Even when the response is to go f…– mmmh!– Silence behind!– MMMH!– Be quiet, sacrifice! Or I’ll sedate you! *** – Mais qu’est-ce qui se passe ? […]