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  • Fluffy Lord of Darkness v02 Commission for a craft beer bottle label: “Fluffy Lord of Darkness, Dark but sweet"This second version is less confuse and parodies the cover of an old RPG : Elric. ***Commission pour une étiquette de bière artisanale : "Fluffy Seigneur des Ténèbres, Sombre mais doux"Cette seconde version est moins confuse que […]

  • Letter of Reclamation

    Letter of Reclamation “Dear Belzeb Inc., I recently acquired one of your “Fun tailed companion” in order to entertain and enlighten my private parties. I am not satisfied at all by your product that failed to provide any conversation of interest but high pitched screams and ate most of the buffet, the chandelier, the curtains […]

  • Lord Athabaskon the First

    Lord Athabaskon the First Lord Athabaskon the First will stay the first for a long time. There is no second nor there will be a third. Comparing to humans, Dragons have a very extended lifespan. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook Do you too want a doodle from me? Just tell me at ko-fi.com/Astanael *** Lord […]