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  • Very naked people These are very naked people. They don’t wear a single piece of clothing. Not one piece of fabric. They are within sight of each other, sometimes even close enough for their skin to touch!But it’s ok because this is very artsy and very without context. Maybe I should draw a nipple next […]

  • Lord Timmy 07 – Payback – It’s payback time, you creep !– Ok. Demon incarnate before me. Broke her restrains, very angry. Spells won’t work. No clothes, no tools, no weapons… Can’t be worse.– I give you one last ch…– Listen, I know you’re you’re angry, it’s because you have your period, right?– Ok. that’s […]

  • Unsuspected medium Eugene, the perverted wizard of 5th avenue, has displayed a splendid exemple of magical prowless by defeating the demon, scattering its material form in bloody pieces.Eugène is indeed, very skilled. Halas, he is also quite young. Someone with more experience would have been more cautious, and would have asked the right questions. Such […]

  • Not defenceless What were you thinking, demons! Defenceless? me!? *** Non mais qu’est-ce que vous croyez, vous les démons !? Que j’étais sans défenses ? Lord Timmy – Ep 4Pencil Doodle on A sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • The pervert wizard on 5th avenue – What’s going on? The words are correct… The circle hasn’t been touched… Why is there no response? There’s always a response. Even when the response is to go f…– mmmh!– Silence behind!– MMMH!– Be quiet, sacrifice! Or I’ll sedate you! *** – Mais qu’est-ce qui se passe ? […]

  • Sensible place

    Sensible place She likes lava, hell’s only solace But there’s a very sensible place On all demons but angels nowhere, What is it? Do you ask. She won’t share Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Elle aime les bains de lave, réconfort de l’enfer La chaleur ne la gène, elle prends garde toutefois A […]

  • Snakes !

    Snakes ! – Help! Help! – What’s the matter, sir? – Snakes! There’s living snakes on the dining room! – Of course, sir. Your guest Mister Harendra arrived this morning, I took the liberty to accommodate his servants in the only spacey room available. – But what about the lady? There is a damsel in […]

  • Trap flower

    Trap flower The sad part is, he knows it’s a trap. *** Le plus triste, c’est qu’il sait que c’est un piège. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Sacrifice to Atlach-Nacha

    Sacrifice to Atlach-Nacha “In hellward realms wherein all hope expire Beyond the reach of noontide’s brightest ray, In caverns carved by ancient igneous fires Beneath Eiglophian mountains bleak and grim, The ebon-bodied Spider-God holds sway And spins from rim to rim, Athwart a chasm vast and bottomless, His endless web of raddled bands Like to […]

  • Replicants Hidden in the hearth of the red light district, Mycena is a one of the kind establishment. They don’t like to be called a brothel, they don’t offers sex in exchange for money here. No, no no. They sell pure dreams, unhinged phantasm. You have to be co-opted to be admitted in this very […]