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  • Party rest The party’s resting.For a while, there’s nothing heroic to do.There’s no Grand Scheme of Thing, no Plot Twist, no character development, no subquest.This is a moment for mundane and unextraordinary tasks, like furbishing swords, keeping a mind’s eye around just in case or rehearsing a new song,This is quiet, this is peaceful.It’s not […]

  • Crashing the yacht party – Watch out, darling, someone is about to crash the party!– From where, my dear?– From under I think.– underclass?– underseas. *** – Ma chère, je crois bien que nous avons un invité surprise.– Qui donc, mon très cher ?– Un Ancien.– Votre grand-père?– Non, un Grand Ancien. Watercolor pencil on […]

  • The new guest – Everyone? May I have your attention please? Today we welcome… Mr ERKUFNL!*soft applause*– This here gentleman will be staying with us for a while, while we… *whispers*– … yes. staying with us until the stars are right, while we prepare for the solstice celebrations. Please make him feel welcomed, and be […]

  • Last day of summer

    Last day of summer Enjoy ourselves while we can, It’s the last day of summer! Let’s dance during all night, ‘tis a festival we’ll remember! *** C’est le dernier jour de l’été Dansons donc tous jusqu’à demain Ce festival est le dernier Du moins jusqu’à l’été prochain Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur […]

  • Inktober 2018, Day 28 : Gift Admit you weren’t thinking about what happenned next with the poor #20.Hang on ! For the next Inktobers will be quite macabre. Inktober 2018 – #01 – Poisonous Inktober 2018 – #02 – Tranquil  Inktober 2018 – #03 – Roasted Inktober 2018 – #04 – Spell Inktober 2018 – […]

  • More Champagne – More champagne madam ?– No daaarling, ‘though, would you kindly fetch me some souls to torture pleaaase ?– Right away madam ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook