Tag: Prayer

  • The Omnissiah

    The Omnissiah “Toll the Great Bell Once! Pull the Lever forward to engage the Piston and Pump… Toll the Great Bell Twice! With push of Button fire the Engine And spark Turbine into life… Toll the Great Bell Thrice! Sing Praise to the God of All Machines !” – Catechism of the Autoculus of Mars […]

  • Drop of Genesis

    Drop of Genesis Aldin the Great has said to all: That the world is fermentable, Know this : that at the end of all Aldin will distillate our souls. In His Celestial Alambic, He will blend our spirits and mix To create bubbles, worlds anew Sparkling with joy and life renewed Ebrieted pencil doodle on […]

  • Sacrifice to Atlach-Nacha

    Sacrifice to Atlach-Nacha “In hellward realms wherein all hope expire Beyond the reach of noontide’s brightest ray, In caverns carved by ancient igneous fires Beneath Eiglophian mountains bleak and grim, The ebon-bodied Spider-God holds sway And spins from rim to rim, Athwart a chasm vast and bottomless, His endless web of raddled bands Like to […]