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  • Danger Noodle

    Danger Noodle Danger Noodle is happy to see you They will try their best to please you And if you’re naugthy or misbehaving Beware of Danger Noodle’s biting! *** Difficile à traduire, ça… essayons tout de même : Nouille qui pique est heureuse de vous voir Nouille qui pique veux vous rendre heureux Mais si […]

  • Snakes !

    Snakes ! – Help! Help! – What’s the matter, sir? – Snakes! There’s living snakes on the dining room! – Of course, sir. Your guest Mister Harendra arrived this morning, I took the liberty to accommodate his servants in the only spacey room available. – But what about the lady? There is a damsel in […]