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  • Rare specimen – And to your left, a very rare specimen of late 2nd millenium photosynthesis appartatus : a Threa.– Oooooh!– So pretty!– meh. It seriously lack symmetry– Where’s the control panel? *** – Et maintenant sur votre gauche, un rare spécimen de convertisseur photosynthétique du 2ème millénaire : un Narbeu.– Ooooh !– Que c’est […]

  • Psychological Advantage – GKbot-4558? You are done too?– Yeah… I’ve been distracted.– The breastplate?– Yup, the breastplate.– I get you… How can one not stop and wonder before this wonderful adaptive multi-polymerase?– Yeah! right? I think it’s fractally reinforced with nanotubes of carbons electromagnetically aligned to reorient stress vectors!– Such a wonder! *** – GKbot-4558 […]