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  • Snakes !

    Snakes ! – Help! Help! – What’s the matter, sir? – Snakes! There’s living snakes on the dining room! – Of course, sir. Your guest Mister Harendra arrived this morning, I took the liberty to accommodate his servants in the only spacey room available. – But what about the lady? There is a damsel in […]

  • Machines Whirring, clanking, roaring,Whistling, steaming, drooling,Never, ever, sleepingThe machines are working Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • The Duk’zarit Empress The palace is one of the largest cavity in the Duk’zarit forteress. No stones here, but dragon bones. The entire structure is reinforced with the remains of their old enemies. When Gods and Dragons fought, the duk’zarit has clearly chosen a side. Every day, every night, the empress serves justice to her […]