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  • Forest Monolith One by one they appearsDeep into the forests,One by one they bloomsHidden into the woods, There’s monoliths all aroundAppearing without a soundThere’s monoliths everywhereNo one knows why they’re here. *** Krita + Yiynova *** Un par un ils apparaissentAu plus profond des forêtsUn par un ils poussent, pourquoi ?Cachés au fond des bois  […]

  • Adventure – Forest You reach down the valley and enter a dense forest. Rays of sunshine pierce the canopy as you progress the only path that seems to go through.From time to time, you hear laughs coming from your right, deeper into the bushes. The path become harder to follow, covered with twisted roots that […]

  • Roots all over Crawling, creeping, wriggling, slithering,from everywhere roots are comingOver and underground, they’re growingThey are moving when you’re not watching *** Rampantes, grimpantes et insinuantesDe partout se faufilent les plantesPar dessus et par dessous, elle croissentEt se meuvent quand ton regard se lasse Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • Feral Bone Spirit – Ep.25- Feast The snow melted away,Rabbit woke up to hay,and nuts, and fruits and roots!What a feast! What a loot! Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook – The adventures of a feral bone spirit

  • Ink Tree Nutrients flowing under the barkMinerals broken down in the darkPerformed underneath the treethe miracle of Alchemy ! Ink brush on A6 sketchbook

  • You cut my tree Why did you cut my tree ?It was mine. I planted it.I watched it grows.You cut it.I will cut tooI will cut you. Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook

  • Feral bone spirit, ep 22 : Roots The spirit had an idea to please rabbit Digging the mountains for delicious rootsIt doesn’t remember the taste nor the lookBut the more the better, isn’it ? Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook – The adventures of a feral bone spirit