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  • Smoktober 20 Delilah is delighted to receive visitors in her lair,And even by dragon’s standards, Elijah’s an old friend.After a warm welcome, she listens patiently his storyShe’s pained to see him so afflicted… and smoky ***Delilah est enchantée de recevoir de la visite,Et même pour un dragon, Elijah est un vieil amiAprès un accueil chaleureux, […]

  • Smoktober 09 So they sails to the next harbor, see Jimmy Maggle. He have a nice shop, called “Tobacco & finest pipes”Jimmy apologies. “I really don’t know about magic, dear client. But if you think this one’s cursed, please have a replacement.”You can’t argue with no charges, and Jimmy seems sincere.“Let’s ask the next one” […]