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  • Epic Tatoo 5 – Celt Romans, you came with gifts and wonder, and violence,Romans, you tried to reduce Lug’s voice to silenceRomans, you brought winter in our land, in our heartsAll seasons comes to pass, springtime’s here, so’s our wrath *** Romains, venus chargés de cadeaux merveilleuxRomains, qui avez étouffé la voix des DieuxRomains, qui […]

  • Furry Wilbur Whateley Someone (you know who you are) managed the incredible feat to place “Wilbur Whateley” and “Sexy Anime furrybait” in the same sentence.As a Mythos aficionado, I couldn’t let this madness stay undrawn. Roll your SAN, please. *** Quelqu’un (qui se reconnaitra) a réussi l’exploit de loger “Wilbur Whateley” et “Sexy Anime Furrybait” […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 03 – Bait Getting sacrificial victims is such a hard work! Luckily, Brother Patrick is quite skilled with the the shape-shifting spell.   *** Trouver des victimes sacrificielles est si délicat par les temps qui courent.Heureusement Frère Patrick est doué en sortilège de transformation. Inktober 2019 – Cultists Edition Ink brush on […]

  • Sensible place

    Sensible place She likes lava, hell’s only solace But there’s a very sensible place On all demons but angels nowhere, What is it? Do you ask. She won’t share Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Elle aime les bains de lave, réconfort de l’enfer La chaleur ne la gène, elle prends garde toutefois A […]

  • (S)lay the dragon King William has summoned Sir Grisbopus and ordered him to slay the ferocious dragon which was menacing the faraway village of Heckwynot. The brave knight went far and fight hard to reach the place, ignored the concerns of the villagers and wen straight to the lair of the ferocious beast. Sir Grisbopus […]