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  • Perseus vs Medusa – Come on, you monster! I don’t fear you! *thumping noise*– Ouch.*tumbling noise*– I know ‘bout your gaze… ’bout your hair…*sound of a vase breaking*– Oh dang it! Where are you?*sploch*– ha-HA! found you! Now gaze upon yourself in my shield’s reflexion!*splish*– Ouch! that’s… itch? *** – Allez, montre-toi M├ęduse ! Je […]

  • Meet the staff – Miss Wrodbuig Miss Wrodbuig is Head of Public Relations, a very important job. She always have the right word for the right occasion, She’s always there and exquisite in her manner of speech. Never personal, ‘though. In fact, no one knows about the real her. Are she showing us faces or […]