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  • Old Sailor Elijah I very liked this character. Even if I can’t manage to draw it the same twice.Here’s Elijah again, an old sailor that started to smoke too much *** J’ai beaucoup aimé ce personnage. Même si je ne parviens pas à dessiner deux fois à l’identique…Revoici donc Elijah, un vieux marin qui ne […]

  • Smoktober 12 “What will we do my dear” said to his wife the old sailor “I think the tree’s right. The problem may not be the pipes”“Don’t you worry my dear, I’m here with you, we will find.Let’s starts by looking at your stach of tobacco boxes” *** “Que va-t-on faire maintenant ma chère” dit […]

  • Smoktober 11 They sails to the wild coast, then the forest, deep and darkTo see the old talking tree, that grew pipes from his bark“This is one of mine, I am not cursed, so you’re mistakenMaybe you should assume that your pipes aren’t the problemBut something else that is for you condition to blame.Although I’m […]

  • Smoktober 2020 – 01 There’s a lot of controversy right now on the whole Inktober.I like the idea anyway. And this year, I want to try something,So bear with me and let me tell you a story about smoke. Once upon a time, there was an old sailor that liked to smoke… ***Voici venu le […]

  • Adventure – All is forgiven So many events happened after the Festival of Attribution. A lifetime of events !When you figured out your new body. When you finally mastered the forked tong. When you join the Purple Guards to defend the Kingdom against the dreaded Harpy-rats.When you fall in love.When you had your firstborn. Then […]

  • Lava Dragon

    Lava Dragon Long time no dragons! So here is a nice fellow, getting out of his lava bath to greet you. Hum… You are fireproof, aren’t you? *** Ca fait longtemps que j’ai pas gribouillé de dragons ! Alors en voici un gentil qui sort de son bain pour vous saluer. Hum… Vous êtes ignifugés […]