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  • Negociations with the Spiders of Leng The people of the dreamlands don’t usually travel a lot. And if they were, certainly not to the Great Plateau of Leng.This frozen desolate place is a hazard in itself, and the strange inhabitants are feared. especially the cruel and vicious Spiders of Leng.Larger that a horse, they are […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 31 – Ripe I’ve been blessed, I’ve been chosen, to harbor the offspring,Iä Atlach-Nacha! My body offered to thee,has nurtured them as they grew inside of me,Now’s the time, Now I am ripe for the harvesting. *** Je suis béni, je suis choisi, pour héberger,La progéniture sacrée du Dieu-Araignée.Mon propre corps leur […]