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  • Inktober 19 – Loop – Captain’s log –I found a survivor, Doc’s alive! He’s unconscious but breathing. Thanks the suit. Oupf… you’re heavy doc… Say, where are the others? I would love to drag them on a loop like you. Tell me, where’s my crew? Their bodies should pile everywhere, There’s too much stuff here, […]

  • Just a maidEp 7 : Tea time – Spoon must be on top, not the right, JosĂ©phine. – flbluuuuaargh…– That’s it, nice and steady on the teapot. You’re doing well! – Flibrlibrlibrli !– Now, go fetch me the scones, would you? Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook for Just a Maid, a story about Martha, maid […]

  • Storytelling To tell the tales, giving it life and captivate the audience… that is the art of storytelling.Roleplaying and drawing are my ways of doing it, but there is so much more ways to perpetuate the ancestral art of fiction !I don’t want to analyze it too much, for it strips the tales of their […]