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  • Two years It took two years, but it finally got me,Even with the vaccine, it’s tough.No more breath, no more strength, no more thoughts…It still hurts.And yet, I feel lucky.Lucky to have a home, food and healing.Lucky to not having to shelter myself from bombs.Lucky to be free to complain about it.To those who can’t. […]

  • Living with it I guess we’re living with it, now. We know it’s far from over. That it can go wild anytime. That it’s still deadly and spreads like a bad wind. But it has become a part of our world. The masks, the tests, the news. This bad flick scenario has become our everyday […]

  • Alternative treatments Are you for real? You’re starting to know what I’m made of and yet you keep fighting me with… random flowers and crystals? And you, are you just trying to shift the blame by pointing the finger?And you… Oh please, do keep spaying me with droplets of holy water, that’ll do nicely.What now? […]

  • Hurry up Hehehe… You’re running out of timeBut me, I’ve got all the time I needHurry up or you’ll miss the deadlineYou do not want me to take the lead *** Hehehe… le temps vient à manquer…Pour toi ! Car moi je suis pas presséDépêche toi ou c’est moi qui t’attrapeOu le contraire, c’est toi […]