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  • Nothing’s left My husband’s dead, so is my brother.So is my sister, so is my daugther.My home is gone, I’ve got nobodyI’m even missing half of my son’s bodyWhat am I now? I can do but one thingWaiting for the end, I’m just watering. *** Mon mari est mort. Mon frère aussiMa soeur est partie. […]

  • Just a Maid, Ep 28 : Watering the plants

    Just a Maid, Ep 28 : Watering the plants And today for my little flowers, a nice little cocktail of rabbit’s blood and ichor. You’ll grow in no time! A few more inches and our nocturnal visitors that keeps trampling my plantations will no longer be a issue. *** Aujourd’hui, pour mes petites fleures chéries, […]