Boston, January 1925.

the Juju Boutique incident, James was not the same anymore. Now and
then, entire part of his memories went blank. And during these
black-out, it was as if someone, or something, took control of his body and do things. Bad things.
The strange dreams keeps coming and sometimes he heard a familiar voice
behind him. He took a trip to Boston, to resource himself, but only
manage to burn his contacts. Now’s the time to make low profile.

He had the choice : discard the clues he witnessed in his madness and be freed from the black stain.
Or get all the clues and mysteries but get to be the host of the dark spirit of Silas N’Kwane.

Does truth always prevails over his own life ? Over the lifes of others ?

pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook with a touch of color pencils