Campaign “Shadows over Esteren”

The Laochdrinn were a noble
family from Baldh-Ruoch, Capital of the Reizh. Not a strong one, and
quite young compared to the other branches but full of promises and
excelling in the art of diplomacy. Edren was the eldest son, and his
father Joachim did his best to give him the most complete education. He
made it in the Sapience institution after doing his Ost, and learned
Flux manipulation under the strict mentoring of the old Albus. Edren was
doing well, learning fast and quite adept to build strong relationship
with his fellow students with the help from his charming smile, which he
got it from his mother Ellana, His twin brothers, Fredrich and Guivren,
were still under tutoring, showing promises of a bright future and the
youngest daughter, Guiniver, was destined to help the Laochdrinn form a
strong alliance with the RochePiarde, one of the  most influent families
of Baldh-Ruoch. He also took the strange habit of gathering every
peeble, beedle of plant he found which has the slightest connexion to
the Art of the Flux, the Occult or the Spirits.

And then, they died.

but Edren perished during this fateful night. The family house was
reduced to a smoldering pile of dust by the morning, consumed by a
gigantic brasier. This was no ordinary fire. It didn’t emit heat and the
strange, undefined color of the flames was definitively not something
natural. Edren could do nothing but watch his life consume itself.
Everything the fire touched was annihilated, even the water thrown by
the bystander vaporized instantly. To this day, no one knows what
happened, and why.

As the eldest son, Edren was very self
conscious of his responsibilities before the tragedy. In a instant, he
lost everything. Father, mother, brothers and sister were no more. The
two servants of the House, Janne and Lancet died too, and even his best
friend from the university which was sleeping over : Oldelaf. Soon, the
last peoples he knew cut their relationship with him. Rumors start
spreading about malediction and ill omens, and soon, Edren became more
and more isolated.

Some would be destroyed forever.

Edren. It took a while, but he bounce back. He quit the university, and
began to make his living by gathering and selling what others cannot
take the time to find : exotic plants,  location of unusual minerals,
books and other “artefacts”. He takes pride in his ability to find what
is rare and selling it to the right person. He made new friends and
contacts. Life change a man, that is for sure, and Nowadays Edren is
quite the opposite of Yesterday Edren. Since he lost everything, he
began to ignoring the consequences of his acts more and more, to the
point where he even endangers those who dare join him in one of his

He’s not reluctant to talk about the past, but is
quick to change the subject. Even to those who know him for a while, the
only sequel he kept from this tragedy is a persistent and violent
phobia of fires.

To be continued…