New-York, Juju Boutique, January 1925

The article of James Benneth was aimed to create a little confusion in Harlem. Just a dirty paper in a tabloid, who would care ?
peoples of Harlem care. A lot. What was aimed to be a simple police
raid became a risky expedition right in a middle of racial riots never
seen before. Nonetheless, the evidences were too strong and the raid had
to be done.

Against all odds, it went smoothly. Two police cars
full of strong young officers put Silas N’Kwane, the boutique owner, in
custody and found the secret entrance to the cave under the rug. Then
all hell break loose. The cultists viciously ambushed the men outside,
while screeches and howls came from below. Some of them definitely not
human. The policemen were well armed and easily dispatched the cultists,
All but one : Mukunga, the leader, wouldn’t fall. He took so many
bullets and still won’t die. He sliced William and Franck with his
pronga, chocked Donald to death, without so much as a flinch on his
face, and keeps walking, unfaded by the rain of bullets.

in the boutique between the massive murdered and the hellish howls from
the hole, the men began to panic. Clip after clip, they emptied all
their weapons, screaming in disbelief :

– “Why won’t you DIE !?”

Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook with a touch of color pencils