Azazoth – Oscar Couteau

Oscar Couteau was a lucky man.

was bestow multiples good fortunes, and was the owner of several
textiles industries. He has a beautiful wife and wonderful friends. And
then, fate struck. Curiosity lead him to venture into the company of
occultists, and all changed after this catastrophic séance in New
Orleans. Blood everywhere, missing bodies… One by ones, the others
were found exsanguinated all around the country.. until only he and
Choura were left. They searched, and fled to the very edge of the world,
looking for a cure, a weapon, something, anything that could get rid of
the invisible pursuer, they even venture the Dreamland. The trail of
bloodless bodies were becoming closer and closer, and in top of that,
they were forced to stop the impending doom of some cosmic horror

If only he hadn’t put theses glasses.

He knew
it, theses glasses reveals the hidden. And in Tibet, while time itself
was destroyed, he saw the infinite madness coming through the gate.

He saw Azazoth, gouge his own eyes with his hands and died.

and Oscar never found his body, only his clothes were left. And a
strange mask made from white paper. At least they managed to get rid of
the invisible killer.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
Player Character from finished Call of Cthulhu Campaign : The Azazoth Offspring