Azazoth PCs – Carl Ayerdal

Carl has a friend. Not any
ordinary friend, ‘though, he’s pal with Hal Jordan, the owner of Ferris
Aircraft. Hal is a prominent man in New Orleans and in business circles
in general, furthermore, they did go to France together some years ago.
Also, Carl did marry Hal’s sister.
So when Hal ran into troubles with the strange fate of Sydney Bretz, who could he have called but Carl ?

A lot happened.

now, as he returned to his New-York apartment, his own family seemed
like strangers to him. He didn’t told them about the fate of his New
Orleans friend, nor about the feats they accomplished and how they saved
the world from total annihilation, or so they think. He even hide the
loss of his thumb during this apocalyptic finale in Tibet. He hide it
because of hope. The hope that the amniotic liquid contained in the
extraterrestrial brain cylinder found in Garisson can heal his wounded
flesh as he had before.

Will it work?  

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
Player Character from finished Call of Cthulhu Campaign : The Azazoth Offspring