Mermay – Sailors Bar

– Y’know, I did seen a mermaid once.
– That was the bottle’s label, y’dimwit !
– Nah, shaddup ! ‘tis wus real. She’hd scaly tail, long varechly hair, deep green eyes ‘n big titties.
– No way. Anh wha’t of it ?

She was nice and shy. Didn’t speak, but we get along just fine. We
traveled a lot together. And fooled around a lil’. She showed me her
treasures and showed her mine. And then she left.
– Wha ? Why ?
– Ah. ’tis obvious ! Men and fish doesn’t mix.
– ’tis sad. You should have kept her
– An’ rob’her of her freedom ? ‘Am no thieve.