That’s really really interesting. Scavengers either did not hit the body or they did but they were small birds or mammals. Animals not capable of tearing the bones apart. Vultures can do that so no vultures. But the rear legs are gone which highly suggests frozen in deep snow or ice with the legs being accessable to bigger animal. Looks like it just laid down and died. Amazing find. 99% of the time I find animals they’re scattered over a hundred yards.

I was gonna make some joke about “dragon soul absorbed” but this is a much much better addition

I think frozen in deep snow is a good one! or, possibly, you might see this if something died on a ledge or high area (or was even caught in a tree!) and the remains were later dislodged or dropped to rest on the ground. 

This picture talked to me. 

it whispered ancients tales without words. Lifes lived through present, in a green world, boundless yet buried under the leaves of tall trees, breathing through seasons and cycles, ended but not over yet.

Thank you for this picture.