In Hogwarts kitchen

September 2001, Hogwarts kitchen

The four friend walked around the loch in search of the distressed slytherin student but couldn’t find it.Upon
returning to the mail Hall, they felt hungry, and went sneaking into
the kitchen. Since the war, lots of once secret passageway became common
knowledge, and soon they were smelling the wonderful smell of cookies

Here it was, with three other students. Judging by the huge pot filled with cookies, he must have knead all afternoon.

fist they were suspicious, but they saw the slytherin badge on
Artemisa’s robe and when Alastor helped himself to the cooking, the ice
was broke and they started to talk. Artemisa started to inquire about the earlier altercation.

Pencil doodle on A5 sketchbook
Excerpt from an ongoing campaign of Harry Potter RPG (custom system)