Servant of the Dark Koki

The Koki is often called the RIver of Life. Invisible, it manifests in all forms and manners, but mostly into the Kamis, the invisible spirits of the Dragonian Kingdom. Servants of the dark Koki are often terrifying and poorly understood practitioners of very powerful arcanic techniques, capable of the most prodigious feats. For that they are feared and respected.

Most folks believe that the dark koki is some kind of perverted branch of the Koki itself, polluted or corrupted somehow, manifesting in sinister kamis that the servant learn to dominate. The truth is very far from these folks tales., for the Dark Koki doesn’t exist. The power of its servants is the power of the Void, of the absence of life, the non-existence, the very negation of reality.

Maybe folks knows that, and prefer a reassuring tale to a terrifying truth.  

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
Commission for the Voyageur for the Archipel des Vents RPG