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  • The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist

    The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist A half-naked madman, dancing before a desecrated altar covered with obscene sigils written in blood and feces. There’s no moon tonight, only the dim light of some candles. And yet… we can see everything. What’s wrong with our eyes? /* Third of a 4 part commission illustrating a […]

  • Confused God – Behold Askfgl, the Confused God!– The God of Confusion?– No. *** – Voilà, contemple Askfgl, le Dieu Confus !– Le dieu de la confusion ?– Non. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / POrte-mine sur carnet A6

  • (Not) forgotten The memories of the departed lingers onYou say : Never let them go of your mind, go on!Yet as the candles burns dimmer day after day,Blurried by time, all the memories fades away, *** Priant devant l’autel de nos chers disparus Tu me dis : Ne jamais les laisser s’effacer!Les bougies jour après […]