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  • What an adventure! – Aye Shelly. Happy now?– Oh Gregor, I am delighted! We got a jeweled crown, shiny swords, beautiful carpets and so much gold! And look, pointy magic sticks!– Careful with that! Yer know, I don’t think you were s’ppose to took it. They prepared riddles and stuff for us, I think… I […]

  • Adventure – Unhappy Notagnome You ran for quite a while through the woods, following Notagnome the goblin. It seems you’ve dropped the magical instrument somewhere on the way. You ran until reaching another part of the forest, less dense, more ferned. And now, as you’re still catching your breath, you have to listen to a […]

  • Smoktober 09 So they sails to the next harbor, see Jimmy Maggle. He have a nice shop, called “Tobacco & finest pipes”Jimmy apologies. “I really don’t know about magic, dear client. But if you think this one’s cursed, please have a replacement.”You can’t argue with no charges, and Jimmy seems sincere.“Let’s ask the next one” […]

  • Mushroom picking In the magic forest, you don’t get to pick mushrooms. Mushrooms picks you, and yells at you, so beware!Be wary of what you touch, and watch your fingers *** Dans la foret magique, vous ne cueillez pas ce que vous voulez.Ce sont les champignons qui choisissent de l’êtreAlors choisissez avec soin, et faites […]

  • Run Away !

    Run Away ! If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important. *** Si ce que tu fait n’emmerde personne, alors ce n’est probablement pas si important. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6