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  • The Lady at the Window – Hello neighbor!– Good day to you my friend!– Are you here to take a glimpse at Our lady at the Window?– Indeed! Her mystic smiles always brings joy to our heart– Me too! So does my daughter here, and father, and grandfather.– Wait… that can’t be right… How old […]

  • Not made for people For sure, it’s a feat, it’s a masterpieceThe pinacle or architectural prowessA true wonder, But let me tell you allThat building is not meant for people *** Pour sur, c’est un chef d’oeuvre magistralLe pinacle de la création architecturalUne merveille aux décors les plus finsSeulement non faite pour nous humains Pencil […]

  • Ghost Pantheon The Panthon of Paris is a huge mausoleum, A place to honor the memories of famous departed.To us, the living, this place is quite solemn and quiet.From the other side, it must be a blast! *** Le Panthéon de Paris est un immense mausolée.Un endroit où l’on honore la mémoire des illustres disparus.Pour […]

  • Pumping City Drop by drop, fluids are pumpedThrough the tubes, through the pipesFrom the city belowTo the machines aboveTo what purpose? No one knows. *** Plic, ploc, plic, ploc, les pompes pompentLes fluides de la citée basseVers les machines des nuagesPourquoi ? Personne ne le sait. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet […]

  • Buildings When opulence and misery are only separated by thin walls, expect the coming of a storm. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook