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  • Desert Ride 2 A spark, one shotBad luck, you’ve gotSo long brotherSee you elsewhere. Let’s see what fortune we’ve got with this one. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Un coup, il tombePas d’chance, frerotPour toi, la tombePour moi, bientot. Voyons ce que la fortune nous apporte.

  • Art Impact Ghzorg makes art, but people said Art of Ghzorg not good enough.Ghzorg sad. So Ghzorg went to great artist and asked: “How to make better art ?”Great artist said: “You must make a great impact. You really need to make them see the shark, if you see what I mean.”Ghzorg nodded. Ghzorg understood. […]

  • Shadow Lovers From the Chained Road leading to the Triborne marketplace, there is an old archway called the Lovers Passage. It marks the limit between two of the oldest houses of the town that had been inhabited by rival families for centuries. When the summer sun is high and shadows are sparse but deep, you […]

  • Project Consequences – Dwarves 03 Série d’esquisses pour un projet en cours de world building.Nom de code : Conséquences. *** Series of sketches for a world-building project.Codename: Consequences.

  • Lord Athabaskon the First

    Lord Athabaskon the First Lord Athabaskon the First will stay the first for a long time. There is no second nor there will be a third. Comparing to humans, Dragons have a very extended lifespan. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook Do you too want a doodle from me? Just tell me at ko-fi.com/Astanael *** Lord […]

  • Spider-mouse Spide-mouse, spider-mouseDoes whatever a spider canCan it squeak, yes it canIt can climb on tall wheat Look out! here’s come the spider mouse! *** Rat des blés, rat des blés Est un être bien singulier Dans les tiges, il attends De grignoter tous les glands Attention ! Le rat des blés est là Pencil […]

  • Roaming by night It’s the end of my ink cartridgeSo I tried a simple juvenile crow, roaming the night, fluffy ball of feather. Caw! caww ! wac ! Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Tentacles. Tentacles?Tentacles…Tentacles!Ink brush doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Examination Dr Bretzelovich was baffled. So was Dr Acharya and Dr Levinov and all the others.The army has contacted each of them individually, telling they manage to extract a sentient being from another dimension.The opportunity of a life time!  They didn’t knew what to expect, but certainly not that. They tried every method of communication, […]

  • Allies of Nature Your attempts are futileGive up my dear Argyle !Nature is my allyGive up or else you’ll die ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook